UI/UX // Branding


Move your feet to the rhythm’!

How do you approach pricing and ideation when working with a client? This assignment went into the nooks and crannies of finance, market analysis and more to produce a retro and quirky music store brand! Cotempo’s brand is a unique hybrid of both the old and new – from vintage guitars to light up synthesizers! Cotempo also contains a online store website, fun and interactive brand book, and a multi-purpose business card! Just pop out the perforated area of the business card whenever you need a quick guitar pick!

The Challenge and Pitch

The objective to this project was to produce a brand catered to a fictional client, this involved diving into the client's preferences, budget, marketing trends and more.

Cotempo takes a retro approach with rounded typefaces to keep things classy! The name is derived from the prefix of co (or variant of com and con) which means together or mutual, and a music term that is universal amongst all eras in which all music has a tempo. These two terms are then put together to produce the harmonious sounding word ‘cotempo. It could also be said that Cotempo is a play on the word ‘contemporary’ as there will be a mix of both contemporary and modern musical instruments within the store.

The Process

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